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daphne guinness ensembleDaphne Guinness’s quote ” I don’t do event dressing, because every day is an event” says it all.  My niece and I visited the exhibition at the Museum at FIT this past weekend where we enjoyed seeing  one of the most amazing couture design collections from an exquisite  fashion icon who knows and reverently respects fashion.  “What draws me to fashion is art… and certainly not fashion as status symbol,”  she continues “This exhibition is done for the benefit of those out there, students or otherwise, who share this love.”   This is a shrine to art as fashion and a homage to the creative individualistic passion of  the style icon Daphne Guinness ( till January 7th 2012).  Enjoy, Brandastyle.


FNO could not have occurred at a more perfect time! Hurricane, tornado,  earthquake and 9/11 security threats— how much more can a city take!!!!  I often think the fashion industry is far too self obsessed & frivolous but boy I felt totally different on Thursday night.  Everyone needed lightness, small talk, and of course retail therapy. It did not hurt that the retailers offered music, wine, champagne, candy, Italian treats, flowers, live windows, & art.  Mott Street was our road map for the night …… small manageable and utterly charming.  One of the boutiques  slogans “there is no street like Mott Street” could not have been truer.  Four stores that overextended themselves in particular were —Velita, Baci,  Sew, and Second Time Around (the subject of the new Bravo Reality show “Fashion Hunters”) —– Merchants could not have been  more accessible & accommodating and of course the Fall merchandise looked amazing – women & menswear.  A big thank you to all my fellow AICI  Image Stylists who accompanied me on our tour — Enjoy the photos! Brandastyle


Weekends are meant to explore starting at the DeKalb Market which can’t be missed due the welcoming of rainbow colors at entrance. I particularly enjoyed the myriad of creativity: jewelry by Alicia P, vintage caps from, the Pratt design incubator for sustainable innovation, & Rubyzaar for handcrafted cotton gorgeous shades of summer scarves,  followed by lunch or dinner at Cafe Oscar (amazing mussels in wine and garlic).

Followed by the Brooklyn Flea, Fort Greene:

The assortments are soooo varied —keep watch for Papushka Vintage  (top quality vintage-, the many wonderful soap and body shops,  interesting handbag variations (made from cork) from Ryan Greer.  & brunch at Cafe Lafayette &/or dinner at Kif (Moroccan French Bistro) taking you to another world with outdoor seating certainly a summer bonus!

Incredible day, and never left NYC.  Also stop at the farmers market along Fort Greene Park for some wonderful vegtables, fruits and bread!!!! Brandastyle


Interesting to note that today’s WSJ’s poll cited that the wealthy are demonstrating more price sensitive purchasing habits ( using coupons, purchasing sale items, buying less expensive brands). The value of this information is priceless (HA!). As stylists, personal shoppers, and image strategists it is critical to calculate this into our selections and recommendations. CpW (Cost per Wear), investment purchases, and originality are definite influencing decisions that need to be factored into the” New Normal” buying equation.


Last Saturday I enjoyed a great event thru AICI at FIT!  It was presented by Sarah Hathorn a former Forune 100 senior executive and acclaimed branding expert of the Predicatable Promotion System.  Sarah provided invaluable components to empower EVERY brand!!!  It was the clarity of the PROCESS that amazed me. She took us through the step by step process to create /improve our own Signature system to elicit  a consistently compelling and powerful message to our clients.  The challenging question “Am I positioning myself to say I am the one for you” was a poignant question, one that needs to be addressed on a regular basis.  It will be my go-to question for 2011 to insure my message is consistent and targeted to best support and engage YOU in the most compelling of ways. Brandastyle.


A glimpse into the  Brooklyn Heights Promenade Halloween Canine Contest.  Could you pick a favorite?



NJFW co-founder Donnella (in green)

 New Jersey is certainly getting its share of attention lately and Tuesday evening may have been its crown and glory. I attended its very first Fashion Week to see the  Emerging Designers Runway Show presented by co-founders Donnella Tilery and Jack Panico at the Pleasantdale Chateau.  It was a lavish evening of cocktails,  wine tasting, hors d’oeuvres, beauty/fashion/image exhibits, and of course the Runway shows!!! New Jersey Housewives Caroline & Dina were very present.

AICI along with other sponsors the likes of  Lord & Taylor, Accessories Magazine, FGI, Bare Escentuals, Goldwell, Joseph Abboud, Vitamin Water ZERO and many more got the opportunity to celebrate and help benefit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure – North Jersey Affliate. 


Our AICI president Jacqueline M. Peros helped vote in the R-T-W- Designer winner Kahri Ann Kerr and the Accessory designer Sara of  10.A.K .


A special thanks to AICI’s VP of Marketing & photographer Cynthia Vincent!!!!




h.NAOTOValerie Steele, the curator of “Japan Fashion Now” presented a virtual tour of Tokyo’s fashion neighborhoods exploring high fashion to street  style at the Museum at FIT. The tour began with a gallery devoted to the Japanese masters of the 1980’s – Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons to name a few.  Styles represented the ’80’s fashion revolution – dark, sophisticated, deconstructed, and of course avante-garde.

This was contrasted in the main gallery by a dramatic floor to ceiling surround cityscape of 21st century Tokyo’s fashion neighborhoods. You entered Omotesando first, the site of Comme des Garcons’ flagship store followed by the trendy neighborhoods of Harajuku and Shibuya where street and subculture styles rule.  Of course given the excitement of contemporary menswear the platform at the far end of the gallery displayed the creativity of John Lawrence, Sullivan, Miharayasuhiro and Phenomenon. The smallest platform was devoted to Cosplay (Costume Play) where performance art and fan culture associated with anime and manga abound in the Akihabara neighborhood.

The exhibition was 2 years in the making. The authentic cityscape with over 90 ensembles make this a must see!! For me the city and urban design transformation came to life (having been a Tokyo visitor for years), it is a fantastic overview without actually taking flight.  If you are as much of a Japanese fashion lover as I, treat yourself to this exhibition — JAPAN FASHION NOW – MUSEUM at FIT from September 17th-January 8th 2011.  Brandastyle



Stacy London’s 2 day styling workshop at the Eventi Hotel in Manhattan this past weekend focused on the science of fit & the art of styling.  Her  body-centric approach deemphasized trend to play up proportion, fit, and  fine tailoring without sacrificing style.  Stacy’s warm and electric personality, quick wit, impeccable sleek style (10 hours in high heels both days – ouch!) together with CEO Cindy McClaughlin and Operations Officer Rachel Strisik made “Styling”  interesting, fun and highly interactive. Our hands-on experience included : CLIENT/STYLIST INTERACTION, CLIENT’S STYLE IDENTITY, SITUATIONAL STYLING, FIT/COLOR/STYLE APPRAISAL, COST INVESTMENT CALCULATION, TEXTILES, ACCESSORIES, TAILORING and more.   

  I am hoping your “AHA” moment will be in recognizing that the Science of Fit & Art of Style can be yours with the asking!!!!  BRANDASTYLE.COM



Match off -Reality Dating Competition

Saturday June 26th NBC aired their first of the series “Match Off” after SNL where 2 topnotch matchmakers compete to find Ms. or Mr. Right for their client. In this segment the client Kira Salzman was quite the challenge!  But of course what struck me most as I watched ALL the characters were their appearance, behavior and communication styles.

I want to concentrate on the matchmaker Lisa Ronis who won the “Scepter of Love” this episode even though Kira had not felt the strongest connection for Lisa’s love choice. Lisa’s approach demonstrated “attention to detail”.  She was meticulous in both appearance and demeanor.  Her client felt cared for and in fact said she loved Lisa’s constant follow up and felt an immediate connection!!! Voila, this is the Magic and although not a perfect match the means to deeper understanding and the ultimate WIN.  Her comments to Matt Titus (the other matchmaker) even when under attack were smart and controlled.

I think this says so much about how we all need to approach our businesses. The principles are the same;  it’s “All IN THE DETAILS”. 

Lisa  also reflected impeccable and appropriate wardrobe on screen whether in Tory Burch walking her French Hound or seated in a cab with a Chanel bag and pearls draping her torso.  In interview attire the fit and choices were flattering.  On the street her Banana Republic trench was both a classic and trend right choice.  Her Hugo Boss Citrus Green Satin Dress with her Michael Kors’ gold watch created an energy vibe from the onset.  Further into the show she wore a Catherine Malandrino blue halter dress keeping with her feminine alluring style.  Her shocking pink one shoulder Jay Godfrey was sexy and again kept the momentum moving and finally her red strapless Adam dress made the perfect Red Carpet statement to accept her Scepter of Love!!!!

Let’s face it there really was no competition this go round!!! Stay tuned.

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