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Take a moment and visualize gemstones the likes of coral, carnelian, tigers eye, lapis lazuli and chrysoprase ——–now add signature design and further integrate with mind, body, and spiritual healing powers and voila you have Conscious Jewelry by Danna Weiss! 

My experience at Danna’s office this week was one of wonder as I chose  different stone  necklaces based on attraction that I perceived to be an aesthetic choice .  Danna explained that it was my subconcious energy choosing the stone of best personal benefit .  She impressed me with her knowledge of the metaphysical characteristics of the stones and their properties that “light you up” when the right choice is made.  To that point the stones embody energy that fill your aura and allow you to function at maximum levels.  THis may all sound like hokus pokus but I being one to entertain chakra belief was impressed with her knowledge, her signature designs, and the efforts made to support an eco-friendly business model.  I highly recommend visiting her website and if you are lucky you may catch her Summer Sale!

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